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Welcome to the Small Business Membership! Members will have access to an abundance of resources designed to help scale and grow your business.  As a member, we will add you to our mailing list so you can keep abreast of upcoming events so you don't miss a beat. You will also enjoy the learning strategies from our experts in the business industry via our Roundtable, Discussions, Facebook, and Live Webinars. We also welcome more established businesses to join our new MBS Program Provider membership as well and enjoy the benefit of meeting new clients. More importantly, this membership allows everyone to meet and collaborate so we can all grow our business - together. 


Below you will find a description of each of the membership levels. We hope you join us so we can build a community of resources to support small business owners.



We take the time to understand your needs and provide Real Solutions

ALSTNTEC giving a roundtable discussion presentation with guest speaker

As a member of ALSTNTEC, you belong to a unique small business community that is designed to benefit the needs of its members. We are committed to providing a full range of training courses, education sessions, and mentoring services to educate you with the best practices used today. Our mission is to help start-ups become long-lasting and sustainable businesses that can generate revenue and qualify for funding opportunities.  We also bring in Expert Professionals who will share their knowledge on what small business owners should know to be sustainable – all to ensure your success. Additionally, we offer discounts on courses, learning workshops, and consultation sessions through our Member Benefits Service Providers (MBS).


We also are committed to providing:

  • A friendly and professional service you can trust.

  • A “holistic approach” to learning and connecting you to needed resources.


We make it easy for you to build a relationship with us and other members.


  • Visibility - stand out and get noticed as an active member!

  • Network - it’s all about whom you know. Networking is powerful!

  • Growth- get quality training and business education to increase your economic growth!

  • Voice - pitch your business products and services

  • Discounts - member-to-member discounts increase your buying power and your sales!

  • Credibility - your reputation matters! Alstntec membership is respected by the community

  • Affordable - membership costs are designed for small businesses. We do the hard work to connect our members together.

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Member Discounts

We have new six (6) active membership levels available. The below gives a general description and benefits for each level.  *Note: SBSC Self-Study Course Membership coming soon*

Free General Members (Annual Membership):

  • Attend Small Business Roundtable Live Webinars

  • Receive monthly newsletter and information

New Start-Up Annual Members (Annual Membership):

This membership is for new start-ups who need general information and would like to attend our Roundtable Discussion or Live Webinar. They receive a free 1-hour business consultation with any of our professional experts.

  • Access to (Live and Recorded) roundtable webinars 

  • Access to private Facebook Page and FB Live Events

  • Discount services (training courses, private consultations)

  • 1-hour Business Consultation

Small Business Strategy Course Students (course enrollment only):

This membership level is for students who enroll and take the full business development course. Perfect for first-time business owners and home-based business owners seeking to move to the next level.

  • Full Business Course via Zoom Meeting (Instructor-Led)

  • Training Guide, Handouts & Activities via Google Classroom

  • Maryland Legalization and Tax Kit

  • Free Mentoring Calls during class, up to 3 months after the class

  • One-Year Online Membership to Live and Recorded Webinars

  • Access to Private Facebook Page and FB Live Events

  • Discount Member access to Special Events & Webinars

Learning Members (Monthly)

This membership level is for members who only seek to watch learning videos or attend live or recorded sessions.

  • Access to Live and Recorded webinar

Consultation Service Only Membership (Monthly)

This membership is for business owners or individuals that required monthly assistance to help with their business or start-up.

  • Receive 30-minute expert advice twice per month

member benefit service provider program (mbs)

Our MBS Provider Members are well-established businesses that have the unique opportunity to set an example to smaller businesses by sharing their expertise and offering their services to our membership community. Core benefits include:

  • Conduct up to 4 workshops (or webinars) per year: two  Roundtable Discussion and two Facebook live webinars via our Zoom platform to our members and other clients.

  • Display your marketing materials on our website and events in our Member Only and public pages.

  • ​Access to the membership directory to collaborate and build relationships with our members.

Click here to view a list of organizations we have partnered with. We would love for your organization to join us. 

Other incentives include:

  • The notoriety of joining an organization that cares about its members.

  • Influence to develop the small business community with your ideas and business services.


  • Refresh your network connection with other like-minded business owners.


  • Inclusion to market your services at select small business events.

All Paid members also receive discounts for other small business services, which includes:

  • Legalization Submission Assistance

  • Operating Agreement Development

  • ByLaws Development Assistance

  • Referral and Networking Events

  • Member Service Benefits Discounts


All Paid members also receive discounts for other small business services, which includes:

  • Legalization Submission Assistance

  • Operating Agreement Development

  • ByLaws Development Assistance

  • Referral and Networking Events

  • Member Service Benefits Discounts

Enroll as a Member Today

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