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Small Business Development Training

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Attend the most popular course in Maryland! The 10-Week Strategy Course (SBSC) is a holistic approach to helping individuals step-by-step how to become a profitable business.  The learning sessions consist of a Student Orientation, 10 weeks of Virtualized Instructor-Led Instruction with a Comprehensive learning guide, handouts, Expert Industry Presenters, and weekly mentoring sessions.  Our students will receive:

  • Assistance with developing their business concept, operation, and strategy via a Business Plan

  • Training and Advice from Marketing, Branding, Sales, Insurance, Tax, and Financial Experts

  • Lessons on establishing a Financial Plan and how to Build Personal/Business Credit

  • Assistance with Small legalization and Certification

  • Education on how to qualify for funding opportunities

  • Teaching how to develop new business relationships with other owners
  • Mentoring Sessions during the course

Group and one-on-one courses are available. Great for private and local government institutions that serve individuals or groups aspiring for a better quality of life. If your organization would like to sponsor a course for your clients, please contact us at for more information.


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