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Webinars and Training Videos

If you have attended the 10-Week Strategy Course, you will now have access to recorded sessions to help refresh what you have learned in the class and in our webinar sessions. Also, check out our YouTube page for more informative webinars! Please check back often as we will be adding new content to this page.

Small Business Tax Obligiation

Tax Expert Shan-Nel Simmons, owner of Nel's Tax Solutions shares nugget on what small business owners should know about various tax obligations.

Small Business Insurance

Insurance and Financial expert Kenneth Clarke of PEAKE Financial and Wealth share with our students the different types of insurance and the importance of protecting your business.

How to Qualify for Funding as a Start-Up

Financial Expert, Ken Alozie of Greenwood Capital Advisors share key elements to small business funding from credit requirements to banking expectations. 

Brand Strategy

Brand expert Leroy McKenzie, Jr., owner of JNF Enterprises shares nuggets on branding strategies for our small business students.

7 Steps to a Virtual Business and Niche

Business Strategist Anne Alston shows you how to create a niche and build a physical or online business as well as teach key elements and online presence.

Customer Service - Give them an Experience

Leroy McKenzie shares some information on how to give your customer an Experience from start to finish. Give value to your customer by providing them excellent customer service.

Seven Leadership and 5 Marketing Strategies

What's Your Style: 4 Behavior Types for Individuals

Marcia Smith shares some insight into the Seven Leadership styles known throughout history and how these styles still affect us today. She also shares information about Loving Leadership. Anne concludes this session with SMART Marketing Strategies all businesses need to know about. 

LeCarlo Beaty teaches us a behavior analysis tool that will help us all better communicate with each other. The information shared is from the DiSC tool and he shows how to leverage this information to improve our personal and business growth.

What Does it Take to Build a TEAM

Robert Thibodeau shares his experience on how he ran multiple businesses and hired staff. He also shares what it takes to build a team and how your team can keep you in business over time.

10 Truths about Entrepreneurship

Dr. Jena Bell reveals 10 truths about being a business owner and what you can do to overcome challenges, obstacles, and empower yourself with knowledge and affirmations!

How to Respond to an RFP Request or Grant Application

The best way to win a government contract is thorough preparation, research and development, and knowing the requirements. 

Payroll Fundamental with Sara Cofflin of ADP

Sara Cofflin at ADP joins the Small Business Strategy course to teach students the fundamentals and best practices of payroll and how ADP can assist small businesses during this process.

Building a Business Concept with Dr. Vines

Career Development Strategist, Latika Vines shares nuggets to students on how to create a solid business foundation.

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